What’s In My Glam Bag? First Ipsy Review – May 2015

Happy Saturday!!!!

In April, I signed up for Ipsy, a $10 monthly subscription that sends you five makeup samples each month.

This is how Ipsy works:

  • Upon registration, you take a short quiz about your personal beauty preferences. Questions involve what kinds of makeup you like and wear, whether or not you are willing to try new products, what your skin type and hair type is along with skin color and hair color, and many more questions to ultimately match you with completely customized products each month. You are then put on a wait list.

My first Ipsy Glam Bag arrived mid May, so I was not on the wait list for very long. The packaging Ipsy sends its Glam Bags in is so pretty! It came in a metallic pink packaging. It looked like this:


SO pretty, right?!  You know this is your Glam Bag just by the packaging.

I opened up this pretty package to my actual Glam Bag, which looked like this:


I couldn’t contain my excitement because I now have another adorable makeup bag to travel with!!

Inside the Glam Bag were these five products:

fileAsset (1)

Briogeo Rosarco Milk Reparative Leave-In Conditioning Spray

As soon as I saw this product I knew I was going to love it. I love trying new products like this one because I have very thick hair and not many products seem to do anything for me. I couldn’t wait to take a shower just so that I could put this in my hair afterwards. I sprayed this leave-in conditioner onto damp, towel dried hair and got to work with my blow drier. First of all, it smelled like coconuts. That alone had me sold. Surprisingly, I did notice a difference in my hair. It was really smooth and silky. After I run out of this sample, I will definitely be purchasing a full-sized bottle.

fileAsset (2)

Eyelure Naturals No. 020 Strip Lashes

As I mentioned in my Every Day Staples post, I am not one to wear false eyelashes since my natural lashes are already fairly long and I can achieve the full, thick eyelash look with mascara. However if I were to wear falsies, I would most likely wear something along the lines of the Eyelure Strip Lashes pictured above. They are not too extravagant and will probably look natural. I have not tried them out yet, but perhaps I will when I want to take my look up a few notches. Until then, I do not have much to go by.

fileAsset (3)

CAILYN Cosmetics Pure Lust Extreme Matte Tint in “Narcissist”

I was elated when I saw this product in my Glam Bag. I have been wanting to try out more liquid lipsticks and the Ipsy Fairy granted my wish! This is more like a liquid lipstick and less like a lip tint, contrary to its name, but I love it either way. The color is amazing and is extremely long lasting. The wand makes for precise and easy application as well. Overall, I give this product a HUGE thumbs up!

fileAsset (4)

Jesse’s Girl Pure Pigment Eye Dust in “Brown Sugar”

I really like this pigment. I use a lot of browns on my lids during the work week to keep it neutral, and this color is a perfect one to add to the list. Every one of my makeup palettes is starting to run low on the browns, so this pigment came at the right time. It stays on very well when applied directly to eye shadow primer. This pigment is definitely a keeper.

fileAsset (5)

IT Cosmetics Your Skin But Better CC+ Cream with SPF 50+

This CC Cream was by far my FAVORITE product in my Glam Bag. A few weeks after I received all of my Ipsy products, I still had not tried this one and was considering whether or not I even wanted to. Then, one morning I accidentally overslept and lost about ten minutes of my morning routine. I saw this CC cream in my makeup box and since I was in a pinch, I decided to use this cream in place of my foundation. Let me just tell you, this stuff is absolutely incredible. Not only is it pigmented like a foundation, it gave my face an amazing glow and blended in perfectly with my skin. I did not have to take the extra few minutes applying my foundation with a brush; I just squeezed a small amount into my hands and evenly blended the CC cream onto my face. Now I know that whenever I am in a pinch or really do not feel like using foundation, this CC cream is the next best thing. I will most definitely be purchasing more.

That sums it up for my May Ipsy review!! My June review is coming soon 🙂

“Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself” – Coco Chanel

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